We are two passionate tattoo artists who specialize in skin & tattoo care.
We are inspired by nature and this is why our products contain only high-quality, pure natural ingredients!

Made with love, for the love of the Art!



Made for

the tattoo process

Hydrates & strengthens

the tattooed zone


Applied during the whole healing process

Our ointment protects the skin and helps the regeneration of it's hydration barrier



Atomik Wave

for any future

tattoo job!

Image-59 (1).png

We pride ourselves in choosing only pure & natural ingredients for our products.

Atomik Wave is free of any paraffin or petroleum-based compounds.

Each of these ingredients has been selected for their virtues & properties and they all play an essential role.



Atomik Wave is the very best ointment for the tattoo application and care.

What motivated us and kept us going

is the very good feedback we have gotten

and how these local tattoo artists adopted

the Atomik Wave ointment for their art!


We are infinitely thankful for their continuing support, and yours as well!

We started Atomik five years ago 2015 when we came up with our initial recipe for our ointment.


In 2017 we opened our own tattoo shop,

Ink generation, on Wellington street

in downtown Sherbrooke Quebec

where we established our laboratory. 

Over the years the ointment has evolved. It went from being composed of three natural ingredients to five of them and its balance and equilibrium has now been optimized.


Throughout this process we also got fully certified with Health Canada both for the contents and for our laboratory installations!

This is why we are

 ready to conquer the world!

Did you know?

On November 5-6-7, a tattoo exhibition will be held at the Center de Foires de Sherbrooke; Sherbrooke Celebration of Ink!


We are happy to inform you about our event. It is the result of the creation of three people who have at heart the development of the body art world to discover the work of artisans in the region and democratize the art of tattooing. Once frowned upon, misunderstood, associated with criminalized or marginalized groups, the art of tattooing is now the inked symbol of remembrance, joy, sorrow or simply passion loved by those who go under the needle.


121 rue Wellington Nord

Sherbrooke, Qc

J1H 5B9




(International distributors welcome)



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