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Atomik Wave FOND.png

Tattoo cream

Back ground Atomik.png

Applied during the whole healing process

Our ointment protects the skin and helps the regeneration of it's hydration barrier

Made for the tattoo process


Hydrates & strengthens

the tattooed zone

Adopt Atomik Wave

for any future tattoo job!




Would you like to use us,

have our products on sale?

Contact us to receive your exclusive price list!



This format is perfect 

for taking care of

your little one!

This format is made for artists and tattoo lovers. Artist; it is essential to have this pot in your trunk!


Enhance your art by using the Atomik Wave pendant as your tattoo, our product was designed to work with the tattoo process.


clients ; this size is perfect for taking care of your next big project! It will also become your ink's best friend by using it daily as a moisturizer!

New tattoo appointment?

Revolutionize your skincare routine with our new tube format!


Clean & Fast


This balm version will help you take good care of your tattoo. Its easy application allows you to put on a perfect layer every time without fingers! What could be better than the soft Atomik Wave cream on a fresh tattoo!

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